FREE TODAY: 3 Smart Ways to Make Money with Options
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Zacks research expert, Kevin Matras released a Special Report with powerful strategies that you can use today. He's making it available free. But this opportunity may be withdrawn at any time, so please read on . . .

Dear Zacks Investor,

There are surprising ways to make real money when the market goes up AND down like now.

You see, while many investors are losing on their stocks, only a few are jumping on one of today's most powerful investment opportunities – trading options. Fewer still are doing it right. Yet it’s easier than you think.

To prove it, I want to send you my Special Report 3 Smart Ways to Make Money with Options (Two of Which You Probably Never Heard About).  It’s absolutely free.

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You'll discover 3 powerful options strategies, including:

  1. The Up-and-Down Profit Machine. Use it to place less money at risk in the market, while pursuing profits on stocks that go up or on stocks that go down.
  2. The Conservative Steady Income Generator. It minimizes risk in stocks you currently own, and helps you make money even if the stocks don't move.
  3. The Premium Collector. With this little-known technique, you can even get paid while waiting for stocks to trade down to your desired purchase price.

Few investors know about the latter 2, and they happen to be my personal favorites.

The Truth About Options Trading

Fact is, most people guess at options – and lose money. Yet, a few are able to win both consistently and substantially. 

I’m sure you’ve heard that some options strategies can produce gigantic, hair-on-fire gains. But you may not know that others are actually quite conservative.


Would you rather have $30,000 at risk in the stock market, or commit $750 for almost the exact same potential gain?

To me, the key fact is that you can trade an option to pursue substantial profits, while risking only a small fraction of the price of actually buying the stock.

Soon you’ll be equipped to do it right – and make money no matter where the market’s headed.

For example, your free report will show how I used one of those little-known options strategies during a recession to make +98.7% on AAPL in less than 5 months.

You can make moves like this, too. It’s easy when you’re guided step by step.

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Don't wait to explore 3 ways to take advantage of the up-and-down markets we're seeing lately.

Along with your free report, you'll also get details on how to train for gains by making options decisions just like pros who win consistently.

FREE Options Strategy Report Plus New Pilot Program Details

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Good Investing,

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Kevin Matras
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