Take advantage of our do-it-yourself nearly market-tripling program to start improving your trades today.

It's important to get an advantage in an uncertain market. And this program will help you become a better investor. Step by step, in your own home, you can apply the full force of the Zacks Rank to find market-beating stock picks. This online home-study course is available to you instantly so you'll gain a powerful, timely advantage over the Wall Street big shots immediately.

Dear Fellow Investor:

Today I invite you to take matters into your own hands. Learn how to find the best stocks yourself.

Our Zacks Method for Trading program empowers self investors to trade stocks like the pros. Soon you'll move with more confidence and savvy, exploiting both bull and bear markets alike. Without waiting for tips or picks from anyone. At your own pace. In your own home or anywhere you have internet access. No need to attend a single class, workshop, or seminar.

In fact, our Zacks Method more than levels the playing field with professional investors.

It actually gives you a trading advantage over portfolio managers, even the best of them. This edge is based on a simple but profound stock-picking truth that Len Zacks discovered back in 1979: Revisions to earnings estimates are the most powerful force impacting stock prices. Today, this seems perfectly obvious. Soon after analysts upgrade their estimates of a company's earnings, what do you think happens? Its stock price goes up, too.

Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) picks are companies with earnings estimates that have jumped the most. These stocks have beaten the S&P 500 nearly three times over with an average yearly gain of +26%. If you applied the Zacks Method back in 1988, you could have exploded a $10,000 investment into nearly $6 million.

These returns cover a period from 1988 through 2015 and have been examined and attested by Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP,* an independent accounting firm.

How many money managers, brokerage firms, mutual funds, or investment newsletters can substantiate returns like that?

Of course, with all the noise and hype you hear in the media, +26% a year might sound a little quiet to you. But that is nearly 3 TIMES the performance of the S&P 500.

Consider what such gains can mean to you.

    Zacks #1 Rank stocks cumulative return
Exclusive of fees, with monthly rebalancing.
For details on Zacks performance, visit zacks.com/performance.
The S&P 500 Index is produced by McGraw-Hill.

If you invested just $10,000 in the S&P 500 in 1988 and rebalanced it monthly, you would have more than $148,000 today. Quite a nice gain.

Now consider this. If you had put that same $10,000 into our Zacks Rank system, it could have compounded to nearly $6 million dollars today.

Learn how to beat the Street

To give you the advantage, Zacks checks earnings estimates issued by 3,000 analysts from 150 brokerage firms. We monitor more than 200,000 reports, looking for changes.

As soon as those changes are discovered, we pass them along to you. They're reflected in each stock's Zacks Rank: #1 Strong Buy, #2 Buy, #3 Hold, #4 Sell, and #5 Strong Sell. This doesn't mean you can profit like the pros. It means you can profit better than the pros.


  1. Earnings estimates go up.
  2. Stock is upgraded by Zacks.
  3. You buy the stock.
  4. Fund managers process info on that same stock through committees and paperwork.
  5. They slowly pour in massive amounts of money.
  6. Stock price goes up.
  7. Earnings estimates go down.
  8. Stock is downgraded by Zacks.
  9. You sell the stock.
  10. Fund managers sell the stock.
  11. Stock price goes down.

The Zacks Method for Trading program gives you an edge over stock fund managers, even the best of them. With it, you can beat them to the punch on stock after stock.

You'll take advantage of the fact that portfolio managers know the power of earnings estimates, too. In fact, many of the big funds and brokerage houses use the Zacks Rank signals. But . . .

You get to the best stocks first

The big funds' financial system is "molasses slow" and that's where big gains can be made. It often takes weeks for fund managers to process the earnings information. Then it takes even more time to pick stocks (often by committee) and move massive amounts of money into them.

In other words, you can beat the big guys at their own game, without tethering yourself to your computer or your telephone. With the Zacks Method, you'll have plenty of time to buy the right stocks before the managers pour in their fund money and make the prices go up. You'll also sell before reduced earnings estimates compel the managers to remove money from the stocks and drive their prices down.

As little as 10 minutes a month

Right now, I'm prepared to make it easy to exploit this advantage over the fund managers. I'll show you everything you need to make yourself a more profitable trader in your own home. And we're not talking about taking a lot of time or doing a lot of work . . .

Once you learn the Zacks Method for Trading, you can apply its principles in as little as 10 minutes a month.

This home-study course gives you the power to enhance your portfolio with Zacks picks – and develop your own market-beating strategies in the most convenient way possible. Sitting at your own computer, you’ll quickly discover what makes those Zacks strategies tick, and also how to use them to bolster your portfolio.

You’ll also shape them for your personal investment style such as Aggressive Growth . . . Growth & Income . . . Momentum . . . Value . . . and more. Take advantage now.

Zacks Method for Trading – Breakthrough for the “Ordinary Trader”

Because you’re still reading this letter, I know you’re more than “ordinary.” The beauty of this course, however, is that it’s designed to make you extraordinary. It’s based on the “I AM” principle:

  • Identify what kind of trader you are, where you want to be and which strategies suit you best.
  • Analyze stocks to find the ones with the highest probability of success.
  • Manage your assets more quickly and easily to maximize profits and lower risk.

Soon you'll be able to say, "I AM a more informed, more confident, and more profitable trader."

Zacks Method for Trading Home Study Course
Look what you get in this program . . .

Quick Start Guide
Get off the block quickly.

Home Study Course Workbook
Move step by step to become a more powerful trader.

Video 1: The Zacks Method for Trading
Gain the secrets behind the Zacks Rank and how the system outperforms the market. Knowledge is power.

Video 2: Trading with the Zacks Rank
Discover how to take full advantage of our most powerful stock strategies.

Video 3: Screening for Stocks and Creating Your Own Trading Strategies
Choose from more than 650 different criteria to find diamonds in the rough, the few special companies that will super-charge your portfolio. Tailor strategies to your own preferences and goals.

Video 4: Backtest Your Strategies for Success
See how each strategy would have performed in past years, during bull and bear markets. Then create and test your own strategies to see how successful they are before you put one dollar in the market.

Video 5 Bonus: Advanced Backtesting
Combine multiple strategies and put entire portfolios to the test. Simultaneously analyze your performance over different time spans and start dates. Learn which criteria work the best. You can even have all the results charted out for you!

Free Access to Research Wizard for 30 Days
Apply Zacks’ stock-picking and backtesting software to set up your profit-maximizing portfolio.

Now 2 More Bonuses!

Top 10 Stock Screening Strategies That Make Money
Explore ten of Zacks’ proven stock-picking strategies that have overpowered the market in good times and bad. Put them to work in your portfolio straight away.

Strategies for Making Money No Matter What Happens to the Market
Share proven ways to profit whether the market moves up, down, or sideways. Here are short, long, and rebound strategies, plus secrets for using options and ETFs.

How soon will you see results?

In the first week, the very first video will give you a new perspective that will transform your trading.

During the second week, you can expect to tap the full power of the Zacks Rank and discover new ways to find winning stocks.

Raves from Traders Who Use the Zacks Method:

"It's like a license to print money."
  - Bill C., Carson City, NV

"No benchmark stands a chance."
  - Maurizio P., Lugano, Switzerland

"I can't believe such a simple concept produces such great results."
  - Marco G., Addison, TX

We’re committed to equip as many individual investors as possible with research, tools and insights for investment success.

So we will provide the Zacks Method for Trading home-study course to you for only $39. This includes all our best strategies and their latest picks as well as the videos and guides. You can apply these tips and techniques to your very next trade.

The Zacks Method for Trading program is the best way I know to beat the S&P 500. It's also the best way to beat the stock fund managers at their own game. When it comes to applying the power of Zacks Rank, you can beat the best investment minds in Wall Street. Our do-it-yourself program will give you everything you need to learn — one step at a time.

Are you a self investor who's looking for success, financial independence, and peace of mind? This market offers the opportunity of a generation. Learning could not be more convenient. I hope you won't miss this opportunity. Please call us Monday through Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. ET at 1.800.767.3771 ext. 9304 (Outside the U.S., 312.265.9304.)   Or click here to order right now.

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