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Since 1979, Zacks Investment Research has created winning stock picking strategies with stellar annualized returns:

  • Big Money Zacks +9,797.3% annualized return
  • Filtered Zacks Rank 5 +5,326.9% annualized return
  • Momentum Method 1 +1,012.4% annualized return

You can read about all of these strategies in one place with the free report Top 10 Stock Screening Strategies That Make Money. Get over 50 pages of step by step instructions on how to use these proven stock picking strategies to make money for you. You'll also learn how they were developed with the revolutionary Research Wizard stock picking software program. Created for professionals, now available for individual investors.

And, to try the strategies firsthand, you can download a free trial version of the Research Wizard. Each of the strategies featured in the free report comes pre-loaded on the Research Wizard, so you can run the screen right on your desktop with the latest available data.

Infinitely Flexible
The Research Wizard is much more than a vehicle for these proven strategies. It's also flexible and powerful enough to put you in control. You see exactly what data are used to select winning stocks. You can pick and choose which criteria match your trading goals, and create fully customized screening strategies. Only want to see stocks with prices over $5? What's the highest P/E ratio you're willing to accept? Choose from over 650 criteria to get precisely the list you want. Then backtest using up to 6 years of historical data to test your stock-picking system. You'll see exactly how your strategy performs in up and down markets.

Ready When You Are
Research Wizard puts you in control of your stock-picking criteria and does it on your schedule. Because it's a desktop software tool, you can run the Research Wizard whenever you want. It will always return the latest results based on daily data updates from Want to rebalance your portfolio once a week? Once a month? Once a year? It's all up to you.
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The best way to see what the Research Wizard can do is to try it. Just complete these three fields to download the Research Wizard for a free trial. You'll also get the free report "Top 10 Stock Screening Strategies." If you don't think the Research Wizard is the best possible way to select stocks that make you money, you'll pay nothing, but you can keep the free report as our gift.
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Disclaimer: Simulated results do not represent actual trading and may not reflect the impact that economic and market factors might have had on decision-making if an adviser were actually managing a client's money. Average annual returns are based on multi-year backtest results. See report for details.