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I'm about to share something with you that a small circle of individual investors would just as soon keep to themselves. They think of it as their private competitive edge.

From Switzerland to Cincinnati, these few have managed to stay far ahead of Wall Street, trade after trade, year after year. They beat the market with stock-picking strategies that produce average yearly gains of 20.6%, +31.1%, +54.7%, and +57.6%.

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Do you wonder how often your broker or mutual fund manager outpaces the S&P 500? My guess is that it's rarely or never.

But those few private investors do it right. These people beat the market routinely and substantially. And they don't have to tether themselves to a stock ticker. Nor do they become highly caffeinated day traders. They only take a few minutes once a week (or even once a month) to review their portfolios and make buy/ hold/ sell decisions.

Their secret? They use Zacks Research Wizard stock-picking software to screen 8,200 stocks down to a handful of gems. Then they make their moves.

These investors get their stock picks by jumping on market-beating strategies that are built into the Research Wizard. Or by tweaking the strategies to generate new lists of powerful stocks.

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  • Bill C. from Carson City, NV tells us "This is like a license to print money."
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Research Wizard strategies draw from more than 650 criteria to screen down the universe of stocks. In other words, you won’t have to sift through thousands of stocks. Each Research Wizard strategy blasts away the coal and presents you with a small pouch full of diamonds.

Think of it. Even if you considered only Zacks #1 picks, there would still be 220 stocks to choose among. However, with the Research Wizard, you'll be able to focus on up-to-the-minute lists of only a few great stocks, the best of the best. Just point and click. You’re in control.

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You can do this, too, when you evaluate each strategy. With the Research Wizard, simply click a button and see results as far as six years back. In seconds.

At a glance, you'll spot the answers to such questions as:

  1. How did the strategy perform in bear, bull, flat, and volatile markets?
  2. How smooth was the ride? Did the stocks go zig-zag or did they gain consistently? 
  3. How did its returns compare to the S&P 500 benchmark? Or the Dow Jones? Or the Nasdaq?
  4. What was the strategy's win percentage during different holding periods?
  5. Which stocks does it recommend today?

In my experience, if you’re not backtesting, you’re just guessing. That’s why I hope you’ll consider this invitation with special urgency.

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Kevin Matras
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