Turn A Virtual Portfolio into Cold Hard Cash Zacks $100K Challenge

Sign up for our yearlong Zacks $100,000 Challenge in 2007, and you could WIN a $100,000 contract with Zacks. We're conducting a nationwide talent search to find the best traders in the Zacks.com community. If you can find winning stocks and write about them, you could win a stock-picker's dream job.

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In 2006, we sponsored immensely popular fantasy stock-picking games, called the Zacks Stock Challenge and Zacks Options Challenge. Each quarter, thousands of Zacks customers managed a virtual portfolio to prove their stock picking abilities. The results were amazing. We discovered that Zacks customers can find winning stocks more impressively than many professionals. The winners received some of the best products Zacks has to offer- tools to help them make fantasy-style returns in the real world.

So now, we're putting our money where our mouth is. Our 2007 contest will be a yearlong search for the best of the best, called the Zacks $100,000 Challenge.


IdolAmerican Idol
on Fox
Required Skills:
Singing ability, stage presence, and very thick skin.
Recording Contract
How to Enter:
Wait in line for hours to get a 1 minute audition. And most likely end up in the blooper reel.

The DonaldThe Apprentice
on NBC
Required Skills:
Ability to meet torturous deadlines while brown-nosing the host.
Salaried position doing more of the same.
How to Enter:
Submit 5 minute video with a million other candidates and hope for an interview.


at Zacks.com
Required Skills:
Pick stocks and write about them.
Get paid $100,000 to pick stocks and write about them!
How to Enter:
Play for FREE! Just Click Here to Enter

It may not have all of the mainstream glamour of a television contest. But then, you don't have to sing karaoke, or kiss up to Donald Trump. Just find winning stocks and write about them and you could find yourself in a stock-picker's dream job.

Win a $100,000 Dream Job

The lawyers came up with a long list of Terms and Conditions, but here's the basic idea. Prove your stock picking ability with the returns in your virtual portfolio. Every month, we'll invite top players to write their own personal blog on Zacks.com where they'll share strategies, analysis, and thoughts about the market with other investors.

We'll track your market-beating trades and also the popularity of your Player Blog. If you show the kind of performance that keeps users coming back to read about your picks, you'll be in line for the Grand Prize.

At year-end, our distinguished panel of Zacks judges will review the top 100 players to select a winner. The player with the best combination of stock picking performance and Player Blog popularity will become a featured newsletter editor for Zacks.com- with a $100,000 yearly salary.

There's only one $100K salary available, but we're also giving valuable prizes to 9 more top finishers. Finish in the top ten and you'll get a Two Year Subscription to Zacks Elite, our premium website featuring market commentary and winning stock picks from Ben Zacks, PLUS two years' access to Research Wizard, our full-featured stock screening desktop software.

Everybody wins, though, with the no-nonsense advice you'll find on the Player Blog. Every day, the top players will be giving you the strategic thinking behind stock picks that put them way ahead of the market. And there can be no question that they know what they're talking about. You'll see every trade they've made that proves their stock picking prowess.

So you get a steady stream of useful stock tips, and a chance at a $100,000 dream job, and it's absolutely free to play! What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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